Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Hot List

In addition to my previous hot list post, this market offers some unique opportunities. I have been gathering up stock symbols via different screeners. The resultant list is now over 100 stocks, way too many to type accurately here, or properly trade. (I have been trying -- and profiting)

I tuned up a google spreadsheet to help me pick the best of the best in the list, and here is today's results:

atpg 17.66
axl 7.66
cno 5.06
ctb 15.60
fire 19.88
gtn 1.25
hf 5.86
holi 7.69
ivn 12.03
mgi 3.24
mvis 3.66
pir 2.6
pxlw 3.98
rad 1.74
shfl 8.72
tpi 3.90
tvl 4.21

I added today's close price just for record keeping. I'll com back in a few days and check the results.

Please do not consider this to be a trade recommendation... just a watch list. Trade responsibly. I can hook you up with training if you are interested.

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