Friday, September 25, 2009

Be long in uptrends

Here is a 5 minute, 4 day chart of the UUP, the Dollar index ETF.
UUP is the candles, and the broad market is represented in the line graph.

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Notice that they have an opposing relationship, When the UUP (candles) rallies, the SPY (yellow line) pulls back,

Hotlist stocks are not so effective when the market is in a downtrend. It is not a good thing to expect your stock Price to increase when the markets are falling.

That said, this pullback provides opportunity...

Step one... Hotlists provide resources to scan for stocks that remain relatively unaffected by market downturns. Those are the ones that nobody wants to sell!

Step two... We know that this downturn is related to dollar strength, Who in the room believes that our government has completely stopped flooding the market with dollars to pay their debt? I thought so... this Price dip is very likely temporary. There is no need to panic sell your portfolio yet.

Step three... Buy the dips. Discounted Prices are becoming available.

Once this dip flattens out, I'll be buying again.

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