Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Stars Were In Alignment

The TRIN was in the mid 70's virtually all day.
The TRINQ started over 1 but fell to .5's during the day.
The TICK 8ma was positive all day.
The TICK Q 8ma was positive all day.
The VIX fell to new lows.
The Advance/Decline was above 50% all day. (51 to 76 range)
The A/D Q was above 40% all day.
The banking index was improving all day.

The results:
The SPY bounced off the daily 20ma thus reversing its downtrend.
I covered my small short position (sold TZA), bought FAS, and made money for the day.
The markets are, at least for a little while, bullish.

There are plenty of reasons for the markets to fall but for now, let's rock!

Update: This morning is not getting off to a very good start... As I write, the A/D is totally flat.

Note To self (and watchful readers): extreme Tick indications often indicate change in the air... on 3-3-9, the weekly Tick was -576 thus indicating oversold. Odly, there have been several times where the Tick was over 1000 resulting in trend reversals only half of the time.

When the SPY made a Head and Shoulders which failed to fall much, Tick was forming a pendant around the center of the trading range. I had full sized positions in EFU and SIJ... lost WAY too much on that!

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