Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nevellier's flawed blog post (and then some)

This may seem unrelated to the markets at first blush. Ultimately, it is connected at the hip.

Typically, I enjoy reading the Nevellier blog. A recent (irresponsible) post offended me. My response to the post follows. I copied it here for posterity. If the moderators at Nevellier do not publish my comment, I will re-submit it again some day.

But here's the thing folks... We gotta start speaking up for America while she is still recognizable. Our dollars, our rights, our businesses, our courts, our Constitution, the best health care system in the world, and more might be at risk of "change." For those of us concerned about these changes, now is the time to begin speaking out.

Dear Sirs,
Typically, I enjoy reading your posts. This one is an exception.

" seems that we must hope Mr. Obama is re-elected,..."

It is not in my heart to do that.

As a patriot, I vowed to defend the Constitution which is apparently the opposite of the Obama administration. The bailouts, the takeovers, and the deficits hardly seem either Constitutionally or fiscally sound.

Your article seems to have praise for Clinton while totally disregarding the recession he left us. Also overlooked is the fact that President Bush oversaw the Clinton recession recovery and subsequent all-time market high. (I could continue in this direction but shall not.)

It seems that I hope for two things, a fiscal conservative to bring America back to her rightful position of strength, and a less biased newsletter.


Something to keep in mind:

"The Cato Institute was strongly opposed to the $787 billion package passed earlier this year, and would oppose additional stimulus packages on the same grounds."

"Once government expands beyond the level of providing core public goods such as the rule of law, there tends to be an inverse relationship between the size of government and economic growth," argues Cato scholar Daniel J. Mitchell. "Doing more of a bad thing is not a recipe for growth."


Obamacare does make for an interesting search term.

The Obama administration has sent an email to me! They want me to call my Senators (phone numbers provided) to discuss their support for socailzed healthcare. While I do intend to do just that, my response is a bit different than he suggests. This article, and this one, will be references for the calls. Sheesh... There are tons of references! For those who think that Canada is a great model to follow, here's a great list of references. I gotta "just say no." I gotta let my voice be heard. Can you do that too?


In effect, our President can sell "refrigerators to Eskimos" at will. Congress supports this because they enjoy the resulting commissions. Ditto, the "fourth leg" of the government, the media. That leaves the third leg, the Supreme Court. Hmm... is that arena about to receive "change?" Folks, we gotta speak out in support of the Constitution, liberty, and free markets, else, they will be gone.

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