Saturday, July 11, 2009

FTV Stock Picks... Discount offer

  • You receive the rare opportunity to be privy to the highly sought after personal trading list of the FTV analysts so you too can trade what they’re trading.

  • You receive a rock-solid trading list that was painstaking put together via sophisticated technical and fundamental analysis. You get both of these important disciplines working in your favor via the work of the FTV analysts.

  • You receive the vNewsletter each and every weekend, delivered straight to your inbox so you have time to methodically review each trade idea BEFORE the markets go live the following week.

  • You get from each analyst, the powerful benefit that video delivers by seeing and hearing the value-added reasoning and thoughts on particular trades. Instead of merely reading about ideas or worse, not getting any helpful insight at all, you get to be enveloped in a multi-media atmosphere and receive a miniature dissertation of each trade prospect. You get it all here at FTV!

  • You get the best value that anyone could ask for. You get a rigorously honed trading list derived by the combined efforts of the FTV analysts for a rock bottom monthly subscription price.

The vNewsletter is available HERE at a special discounted and grandfathered price until Wednesday the 15th. I recommend it.

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