Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trade what you see

Don't risk your money based on my words, any other pro trader, or news commentator recommendations or expectations. (But do stay tuned in -- you can learn stuff.) It is not possible to make a profit on a stock, no matter how highly recommended, if Price goes down (unless you are shorting).

My attitude has been very bearish due to recent political actions but the market has made some truly wonderful returns for those who are well positioned (some of my investments!) That said, be very cautious about long term trades. Even holding a stock overnight can be very risky for numerous reasons. The broad market has been choppy and is down from even late last year and we are due for a pullback, just to name two.

I have made personal improvements in being able to trade what the chart data is saying, therefore, I am allowing myself to return to my favorite sites (i.e. and learn from my superiors. Monday morning, no matter what anyone says, I will be trading the message that the charts are sending, not anyone's recommendations.

The NASDAQ (QQQQ) is making a yearly high and a higher high. That's a Catch 22 situation... Tech stocks are taking off again so semiconductors (SMH) are prospering. Since chip makers are running, the NASDAQ is improving. Now, since the NASDAQ is a leading indicator, the broad market is trying to follow. We win! I suspect that once the Q's puts in a higher low, there will be a flood of sidelined capitol being re-invested. Get ready!

Oops, there I go... don't take my word for it. Keep an eye on the charted data for proof.

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