Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another bullish indication, with cautions

There is a perfect index to watch in times like these; It is designed to be an early indicator of cycle change! It's called the $CYC, and is made up of 30 stocks. The index does show a rising 50 ma therefore many of its components must have a lot of strength in this market.

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This list of its stock components is here.

Personally, I am not comfortable taking large long positions when the broad market is not uptrending, but some of these do deserve a place in my portfolio. I'll scour the list of 30 to create a short list based on the 50ma, then check the fundamentals of the survivors and weed out a few more. If the analysts are bullish on the remainders, next week I'll buy 1/4 positions in each for a longer term hold.

I guess this means that its time to start getting into the market.

That concept scares me due to the political-economic climate: I just can't understand how our country accepting unprecedented levels of debt, on mostly unproductive spending projects, most to occur in the out-years, with no plans to repay, printing money so we can spend even more, 300% growth of national debt, 400% increase in the size of government, many large projects still not addressed, the nationalism of many private corporations, increased terrorism threats, potential war escalation, increasing unemployment due (in part) to large businesses going bankrupt, 30% of small business owners working for free... ARRRRGGGG!

Why is this bullish? Because the chart says so. Ya gotta trade what you see, not what you expect.

Bonus Information (terror threat confirmation):
Military troops, National Guardsmen, and and Police guarding the Obamma Inauguration: 42,500.
U. S. Troops in Afghanistan: 31,000.

Have fun!

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