Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Standing O goes out to Bernanke

Fed. Chairman Bernanke said at least two things of note today:

1) The recession might end this year
2) Regulators are not going to nationalize the banks

Bernanke gave some details and also outlined some serious risks. The markets loved his news and approach, responding with a huge rally.
The Dow gained 3.32% and many other important indexes gained over 4%.

Being contrary to the major trend, that rally was difficult to trade, but is was enough to get excited about.

A large end-of-day sell off wouldn't have surprised me since there is a big political speech scheduled for tonight. Happily, that didn't happen.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow? All we can do is be nimble and able to trade what we see, rather than what we expect.

Since the market is so choppy, there is no need to review the four ETF pairs tonight; no trend is in place.

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