Friday, March 6, 2009

A Beneficial New Law

I'd like to propose a new law. I think that since America retires on their investments in 401Ks', IRA's, and annuities, this law will be beneficial to all.

Here's how it works; When a politician is placed in office, all of his re-election campaign funds go into a brokerage firm and into the SPY. Now, that politician is very interested in the success of American businesses and their customers.

When said politician monkeys around with a sector, finance for example, a significant portion of his account is shifted to the broad sector's bull ETF. Now, he/she is very interested in doing things that would be beneficial in that specific area as well as contribute to the entire market system.

If the politician sees a particular sector falling, he/she would be motivated (well paid) to reverse that trend.

Should the sector fail, his/her re-election campaign funds evaporate. Yay! the system is self cleansing.

Let's try it. Who do I call?

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