Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gann Angles can indicate reversals

Here is a recent (just now) hourly Wilshire 5000 chart:

Click for larger, browser back.

Notice that low I circled in green. It was a huge dip! I profitted well by being in FAZ.
By reviewing Price, we can see a double bottom. This is also referred to as a W. Its a huge buy point (obviously). Also notice that I have added in some Gann Angles. The primary line is the major trendline. When the second line was breached, it indicates bullishness. Then there was a bit of fearful retracement. The next morning, the third line was breached and Price never looked back.

We have to start watching for this setup... it is not rare, it is fairly reliable. With this chart in mind, I can confidently place long trades.

For extra bonus points, see how the gann angles react to this 10' SPY chart:

Click for larger... yada yada.

Now, go try it on your own charts.

On another note:
I have accepted a part-time job. I find myself now conversing with lots of cool people in emails and on-line meetings. At the end of the day, I am talked out! That is the reason I have not blogged as much lately.

I do plan to keep recording my finds here (like the post above), but it probably not be as regular or frequent.

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