Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bull/Bear indicator recipe

- the SPY is considered to be THE broad market indicator.
- SSO is the 2x SPY
- SDS is the inverse 2x SPY
- VWAP is Volume Weighted Average Price indicator (sort of a moving average)
- offers them all in real-time

- First, load up the charting package
- Make SSO candles
- Under "Settings", click "Compare"
- Pick an empty box, check it, and enter SDS
- Click OK
- Click "Add Indicator"
- Click "VWAP" (used as a garnish)
- Adjust the time-frame to 10 minute (more or less) candles for 1 day (scroll the mouse wheel)

To consume...
When the candles (2x SPY) are on top of the other stuff, that's bullish
When the SDS line is above it all, that's bearish
Pay particular attention when the two cross!

This indicator told me to sell my SIJ this A. M. I'm glad I did.

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